An exchange with advanced resources, but easy to use, allowing for the automatic sync with the steps of experienced traders.


Easy payments with cryptocurrencies via instant, free transactions.

Social Networking

Share your ideas, follow influencers, keep up to date with market new and rumors.

Smart Contracts

The power of intelligent contracts within everyone’s reach on a simple interface, without programming.


Quality educational resources created by experienced traders and finances and technology aficionados.

AmericansBitcoin Network Platforms

  • Social network
  • Exchange
  • Payment
  • Cryptoversity
  • Smart Contracts

Social network

  • Share your opinion, post, comment, discuss, learn.
  • Follow, be followed and build your influence network.
  • Send messages: communicate directly with other traders.
  • News centralizer: read your favorite blogs in a single place.
  • Specific timeline for each Market and relevant currency links.
  • Be sure to interact with real profiles, validated by KYC/AML.


  • SyncTrader: synchronize your operations with other traders.
  • Orders for stop, stop-limit, OCO, OSO, hedge, fund leases.
  • Assistants for several procedures, aiding beginners.
  • Fast withdrawals and deposits via open banking integration.
  • VirtualTrader for investment tests with virtual funds.
  • Wide variety of pairs of currencies and tokens.


  • Easy conversion of funds.
  • Use in commercial establishments such as restaurants, stores and hotels, besides e-commerce.
  • Visibility on the network showcase..
  • Instant transactions.
  • No fees (no commission, no miners; really, nothing).
  • Easy to find establishments that accept cryptocurrencies.


  • Articles with detailed and illustrated analyses.
  • Contribute with your opinion and video articles.
  • Complete courses on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and other issues.
  • Monetize your knowledge with paid content on the platform.
  • Rewarded evaluation system for reviews.
  • Pay per content using cryptocurrencies and AMEC tokens.

Smart Contracts

  • The power of smart contracts within the reach of ordinary citizens.
  • Create contracts without the need for programming.
  • Varied library of contract models for several objectives.
  • Contract market: models developed by third parties.
  • Much lower cost when compared with hiring a consultancy.
  • Contract costs can be paid with the main currencies.


  • Synchronize your operations with experienced traders Be a follower, learn with posts, articles, images, watch videos of leading traders and increase your return chances in a safe way.
  • Be a leader trader Increase your gains as a trader. There is no limit of followers; win them over with posts, images and even videos, showing your performance.
  • Automatic Sync Operations made by the leader trader are applied to the funds that the follower chooses, with proportional values.
  • Use of token The SyncTrader operation requires AMECs to be started.

Already under construction.

The exchange and social network platforms are already in development.
Follow our progress below.

  • Beginning
  • Exchange base
  • Social network base
  • Message tools
  • Complete exchange
  • Complete social network
  • Security and hosting
  • Internal approval
  • Beta release
  • SyncTrader
  • Beginning
  • Exchange base
  • Social network base
  • Message tools
  • Complete exchange
  • Complete social network
  • Security and hosting
  • Internal approval
  • Beta release
  • SyncTrader
  • We're here

Expected release

The exchange will be released in the first half of 2019, with several important resources and social features, besides 5 initial pairs: BTC/BRL, ETH/BRL, LTC/BRL, BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC

In-house development

100% in-house development, zero outsourcing, ensuring agility in updates and problem solving, higher security, as well as flexibility to guide projects according to the needs of the Community.

Other advantages

International credit card

With the AmericansBitcoin card you can withdraw your investments anytime and spend your cryptocurrencies in daily purchases, at any establishment in the world.

Intelligent referral plan

Offers opportunity of gains for influencers and people with good networking. The rewards are based on commissions generated by your most “profitable” referrals.

Premium user support

Get help via quick technical support online chat with a real person, not a robot.


Area dedicated to public opinion and voting inside the very network, with new currencies and tokens. Clear policies on forks and airdrops.


Safe Technology

We always use completely updated and encrypted data technology. Our partners ensure protection against DDoS and other threats.

Safe fund storage

98% of the funds are kept in multiple cold wallets, safely stored.

Anti-fishing measures

Whenever it is suspected that a user has been the victim of fishing, it is possible to disconnect all open sessions. In order to log in from a different location, it is necessary to confirm via e-mail and other measures.

Authentication of multiple factors

Authentication may employ, besides the traditional 2FA, other verification measures such as PIN and e-mail link.

Safe operations

Besides login, internal processes, such as withdrawal and orders, can be configured to require 2FA or PIN.

Frequent backups

Backup copies of the database are performed every 30 minutes and the entire system is saved daily.


our token

Quantity 400.000.000
Value 0,00025 ETH
Hardcap 16.000.000 USD
Type ERC-20

Uses of AMEC.

With the token, it is possible to:

Use SyncTrader and synchronize with experienced traders.

Access courses and other contents on Cryptoversity.

Receive discounts in Exchange commissions.

Pay exchange commissions and fees.

Consume products and services at establishments that accept cryptocurrencies.

Shop with AmericansBitcoin credit card.

How to contribute


During the pre-ICO it is only possible to contribute by acquiring lots of at least 40,000 tokens.
(Coming soon)


The initial offer is divided into 5 stages with different bonus values.
(Coming soon)

Accepted currencies

It is possible to contribute with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and several other currencies.

Are you ready to be part of this revolution?

Stages and bonuses

The dates of the phases will be announced shortly.



All those who own AMEC will compete for
extra coins at the end of ICO.


Advantages for major

Contributors who acquire at least 40,000 tokens,
as well as contributors in the pre-ICO stage, will have the following advantages:

Discount for life in Exchange commissions proportional to the size of the contribution.
Pre-qualified to participate in BETA stages.
We evaluate your profile, with the possibility of already qualifying you to be a SyncTrader leader.
Direct channel with the AmericansBitcoin team.

Advantages for influencers

Divulge the AmericansBitcoin ICO and receive tokens, both for the quantity and for the quality of the publication.

Allocation of tokens and funds

Allocation of tokens

  • Rewards5%
  • Team and advisors10%
  • Bonus15%
  • Contributions70%

Allocation of funds

  • Development35%
  • Reserve6%
  • Security6%
  • Legal5%
  • Operational10%
  • Marketing35%

Withholding plan of the funds of the team and councilors

10% 6 months
20% 12 months
30% 18 months
40% 24 months



Follow up on ICO expenses.

Under our transparency policy, we offer an area in which all contributors may access the ICO information, such as:

  • Expenses with equipment;
  • Team payment;
  • Hiring consultancy and auditing;
  • Roadmap activity progress.

Our team

  • Auvrahy Barão

    CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

    Entrepreneur, working for over 5 years in civil construction, responsible for a company with more than 8 digits of revenue where he implemented innovative projects. Start-up mentor and cryptocurrency aficionado.

  • Luiz Nörnberg

    CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

    Computer scientist with large experience as an architect and software developer. After more than 20 years of projects in the field of digital games, he specialized in the creation of systems for the trading market.

  • Paulo Diehl Franco

    CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

    Vast experience in international relations, having worked in import and export consultancy for 18 years. Currently responsible for companies with more than 8 digits of revenue.

  • Everton S. Silva

    COO (Chief Operation Officer)

    PMI Certification by Project Management Institute, COBIT and BPMS, having worked for over 20 years in Information Technology and 8 years in project management and execution. Today he is also responsible for companies with more than 8 digits of revenue.

  • Renan Hartwig

    Software Engineer

    Experience as a software developer, with participation in several national programs encompassing a wide range of technologies. Blockchain aficionado.

  • Anderson Freitas

    Software developer

    Experience in industry and ERP analysis and development. Blockchain enthusiast and developer.

  • Aline Nörnberg

    Software Quality Manager

    Systems analyst with over 15 years of experience in managing companies and coordinating projects and resources.

  • Thiago Vernetti da Silva

    Front-end developer

    More than 10 years experience in digital projects, working from the design to the development.

  • Ronei Dorneles Machado

    Marketing and Branding Manager

    Experience in brand building and conduction of product launch and relationship projects.


    Security specialist

    For safety reasons, the identity of our security analyst will not be revealed.


  • Luís Da Silva Neutzling

    Graduated in Economic Sciences, specialist in Didactics and Methodology of Higher Education. He is currently a professor at Faculdade Anhanguera and FATEC. A liberal professional, he mainly works in the area of ​​consulting and advising on foreign trade.

  • Átila Emygdio Ança Evaristo

    Leading a law firm for more than 9 years, working in the fields of business, tax, social security, civil, digital and labor law.

  • Ramses Vidor

    Master in web and mobile development and part of the future of technology, actively contribute to projects related to the Internet of things and blockchain.

  • Matheus Saraya

    CEO and trader at MCS Consulting in Cryptocurrencies. Besides having his own courses about crypto investment, today a negotiation board with a highly qualified team of traders.


    AmericansBitcoin is a network consisting of several integrated systems. Besides the social and Exchange network, there are platforms for payments, smart contracts, and articles and courses. This allows people to Interact, negotiate, pay and receive, easily create smart contracts, receive information and learn about cryptocurrencies.
    AMEC is the token required to perform several activities inside AmericansBitcoin network, characterized as a utility token. It is a cryptographic token, created in the Ethereum platform, standard ERC-20.
    The public sale is not open at the moment. Register to be informed about the dates and ensure your participation. Get in touch via e-mail if you're willing to contribute in another way.
    The dates for the ICO stages are still to be divulged.
    The dates for the ICO stages are still to be divulged
    We accept Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and several others. Click on “contribute now” and follow the instructions.
    No, not at the moment.
    Besides being of legal age, the legislation of the country must consider the practice legal for you to participate in the ICO.
    The unsold tokens will be burned.
    No, there will be no additional AMEC tokens after the ICO. The only way to obtain them for use in the network will be in the market.